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Incoming employment commissioner says creating more jobs top priority for EU
Date:2013/11/21      View:1905

BRUSSELS, Jan. 13 (Xinhua) -- Lszl Andor, the Hungarian commissioner-designate for employment and social affairs of the European Union (EU), said on Wednesday that creating more jobs would be his top priority after getting his mandate in the European Commission.

While attending a confirmation hearing of his designation at the European Parliament, Andor said that the current economic crisis was the most serious crisis since the Great Depression, and the most vulnerable had been affected very seriously,

"My top priority will be to tackle the consequences of the crisis on the employment and social situation in the EU," he said.

"This means preventing further job losses and creating jobs. It also means addressing social exclusion and the concerns of the most vulnerable," he added.

The would-be commissioner said joblessness within the EU was set to hit double digit figures in 2010 and to bring employment levels back to levels of 2008 meant rethinking the European Employment Strategy in the context of an unprecedented economic crisis.

"We will need new jobs which will require new skills. In this context, active labor market policies, lifelong learning, training and tailored support for jobseekers are vital," he said.

Among his priorities, the designated commissioner placed an emphasis on the EU 2020 strategy (Post-Lisbon Agenda), the aging population, EU legislation such as the revision of the working-time directive and the modernization of the structural funds with the aim of simplifying their management.

"It is my intention to build on what has been done and, under the EU 2020 strategy, I plan to work with the member states to coordinate their actions and combine our efforts," Andor said.

The commissioner-designate said the EU need to strive for "dynamic, sustainable and inclusive" economies and labor markets in the long-run.

Andor was born in 1966 in Hungary. He has been member of the Board of Directors of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development since 2005.

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