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Products No. Hopeland 224
Name: Camphor Tablet Press Machiner
Equipment Picture

The machine is suitable for pressing of granule material into round/ lump/annular tablets in foodstuff, chemical, electronic and other industries, but can not be used for the pressing of semi-solid, wet, low solubility, hygroscopic or fine powder materials. The machine is built according to the requirements of GMP.The drill drift and drift pin are incombinedtype. If you want to change the specification, you just need to order drift pin of different specification.

Technical Parameter
Number of Dies 13sets
Dia. of up and down punch pole ¦µ42mm
Max Pressure 200KN
Range of tablet pressing press ¦µ30*8~20mm
ball ¦µ30mm
block 40*16*20mm
Max Filling Depth 46mm
Turret Speed 0-12 r/min
Motor Power 5.5kw
Dust Power 2.2kw
Max Production Capacity 9360 pc/h
Overall Size (L*W*H) 790*780*2200MM
Net Weight 1800kg
Working Principle and Characteristics

1. Machine drive: motors (step-less speed regulation is controlled by inverters)”śpulley driven”śworm driven”śturntable driven by the spindle for rotating clockwise.
2. The technological process for tablet pressing of this machine is material feeding, filling, tablet pressing and tablet out continuously.
3. When working, turntable with 13 sets die drives for rotating clockwise. Dies move up and down along the curve track, and complete pressing movement through the pressure roller.
4. Friction installations of up and down roller will help reduce resistance and lower power consumption.
5. The safety roller unloading device on the below axle pressure by a spring balance. Their working pressure is adjusted by the spring. When over-pressure occurs, the spring housing will automatically unload, and electric cabinet will issue the warning alarm signal, so as to stabilize pressure, reduce shock and vibration, and at the same time protect the punch.
6. Filling, film thickness, rotational speed and other various parts are regulated by centralized control unit for easy operation.
7. Submerged lubrication is used for the worm and worm gear to reduce power loss and extend service life.
8. The external part of the machine is fully-enclosed, so that sealed pressing rooms and drive mechanism are entirely separated from each other to prevent dust and avoid cross-contamination l.
9. The electric control unit uses variable frequency step-less speed regulation for easy operation, operation panel is simple and clear.
10. Dust collector is installed to remove dust automatically.

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